Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Road to Publication

It's been awhile since I've posted and I apologize for that. I've had my head buried in my manuscript and I haven't devoted the time to much else. Now I'm back! Glad to have you with me. I hope you stick around and ask a few friends to join us.

The road to publication is filled with pot holes, obstructions, and detour signs. I love writing, but sometimes I wonder why I'm even on the path at all. It's not easy to get someone in the field to believe in your work. Every well known published author has a story about how many rejections they received before they got the big "yes!" It looks like my story won't be any different.

I had queried an agent back in July after attending Thrillerfest, but I never heard back and that means a "no." I was fine with that. The truth was the manuscript needed serious help and I began rewriting it. This past December one of those agents emailed me and asked to see 75 pages. That's a big request and I was thrilled. Maybe me time had come.

She requested I not send my material until after January 20th. Not sure why, but okay I'll play along. I waited and on January 23rd I hit the send button. About two weeks later I get her response. REJECTED!

Do you know what she said? Of course you don't. I'll tell you. My voice wasn't distinct enough or strong enough to impress an editor. OUCH! Clocked right between the eyes. I actually saw stars.

Why do agents who expect professionalism from authors but don't show the same respect in return? Is it necessary to be so mean? Even if I do suck, which I don't, you don't have to tell me quite like that. This isn't American Idol. Nobody's watching!

My favorite part? Where she says: "Sorry not to be so keen. Another agent may well disagree, do keep trying." You know what I can't wait for? The day I'm on a best sellers list, standing before a group of aspiring writers and I tell them the story of the hurtful rejection and how I made it anyway!

I also can't wait to be on that best sellers list and bump into agent "meany." I'll plaster a big smile on my face, introduce myself, (she'll never remember that rejection letter) and walk away knowing she wishes I was her client.

The real test? Believing in yourself! Talk to you later...


  1. Hey Stacey,
    Think I drag out sending manuscripts out b/c I wind up feeling paralyzed for a while after a rejection. It is tough pulling yourself back up. I deal with my feelings then try not to look at that ms for a while--until I can be objective again. (Fingers crossed, I re-submitted just last week--last rejection: September.

    You are not alone. Hang tough and keep believing!

    Joanna Aislinn
    Dream. Believe. Strive. Achieve!
    The Wild Rose Press

  2. I'm so happy to hear that you are still writing, still focused. You are a great example for your kids! It is hard not to let the rejection get the best of you (this I know is true, as well). Hang in there, and don't let it take the joy out of your passion.

    I hope you have a great 2011!

    Jen Winn

  3. Stacey,
    There's a quote on my calendar that says, "Other people don't create your spirit, they only reveal it." This unfortunate agent who passed on your work is certainly entitled to her opinion and her choice, but the beauty in this is that you are undeterred. That's what you must take from the experience. Bravo!
    Love you,

  4. Sorry to hear about the rejection, Stacey. It's never easy. Keep working and keep submitting and remember that is only one person's opinion. In the words of Journey... "Don't stop believing..."