Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Three For One

I wanted to write about staying positive, living a fulfilled life, stuff like that, but time is of the essence so I'm going to combine a few subjects into one post. Think of it like a two for one sale! And who doesn't love that? The guys might not care, but pretend.

First: check out Attacking The Page for a great blog post about how the Okinawans live. I promise you'll want to emulate these people.  (This is the article I spoke about last time. See, it didn't take me so long to get it to you.) We all should be living a life filled with value. Are you?

Second: I went to a garage sale last weekend. I can't tell you the last time I went to one, but the sellers had displayed crystal glasses on a table and the sun caught the etched stemware and lit it on fire. I just had to take a closer look. Someone had died and their belongings, what was left of them I guess, were being sold for a few dollars. It got me thinking. Is this what becomes of us? The treasures that we held dear, ornaments that adorned Christmas trees, wine glasses we toasted with all being discarded for three dollars each? Does our legacy lead us to rickety tables in driveways in hopes someone will come along and see the beauty we did in it? Or do the things we held dear end up on the curb because no one thought the candle stick holders were worth five dollars? Oh, I know. It's not the sum of our "things" that make us who we are. It's our spirit and the choices we make in our lives, but along the way we've accessorized our lives with "things." It's all someone else can touch when we are gone. I just hope if my good china becomes nothing more than a few scattered pieces that someone will stop at the garage sale, pick it up and know there is a story behind it. One that must be told. How do you feel about it?

Third: I'm off to the sixth annual Thrillerfest hosted by the International Thriller Writers. I hope to learn great things about the craft, meet fantastic people, (maybe one or two who can advance the publishing dream a little) and have some fun. I'll report on more when I return.

Okay, so it was three stories for the price of one. But who's counting? Talk to you later...


  1. Hope you enjoyed Thrillerfest! I taught my first POV workshop at LSFW today :)

    I really related to your 'garage sale' thoughts; often felt the same way myself when I look at all the objects that are precious to me for whatever reason. I never really thought about the story behind a piece but I'm happy to extend its life and share the beauty with those around me.

    Take care and ttys!

    Joanna Aislinn
    Dream. Believe. Strive. Achieve!
    The Wild Rose Press

  2. Hi, Stacey. Thanks for the link to Attacking the Page! Hope Thrillerfest was awesome and rejuvenated your writing soul.