Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Authors' Day

I spent all of Monday at the Ocean Township Intermediate School with 85 sixth graders. It was fantastic! OTIS puts on an Authors' Day for sixth graders with serious interest and abilities for creative writing. The program started up four years ago by Mr. Robert Klinger, a sixth grade language arts teacher there. My hat goes off to him for all the hard work and dedication that goes into this day and to his students. What a blessing to have Mr. Klinger as a teacher. This year he was able to bring a local cable station to the school to film the day and the show will air in the fall.

The students always seem to enjoy themselves and learn tons about writing. It's a special day for them to be chosen by their language arts teacher and taken out of classes to participate in the fun event where they learn about everything from writing their emotions in poetry to illustrating a children's book.

Nothing beats their smiling faces when they read aloud the writing they did for me. Sometimes it's nothing more than a paragraph, but they're in the moment and they've learned something new. I hope all the kids keep up with their writing.

I can't thank OTIS and Mr. Klinger enough for allowing me to participate in such a worth while event.


  1. Sounds like a great day! How many authors were able to come out and support the event?

  2. There were 4 authors and one illlustrator. She illustrates children's books. It was my third year and every year is fun. Looking forward to next year.