Monday, July 23, 2012

No Excuses

We hear excuses all the time, don't we? I'm too busy, too late, too early, too tired. Don't like to drive in traffic my sister called, whatever.   Writers wrestle with excuses daily. My muse is gone, I don't have enough time, when the kids go to school, when I retire, after I do the laundry. The list of excuses goes on and on.  I have my own fair share tucked neatly in a canvas bag. "I need a vacation, if I could just get a day off I'll be able to handle it, too tired, blah, blah." The Universe heard me loud and clear recently and wanted to let me know I didn't need those useless excuses.  On my way to the food store I ran through my usual list. "Too tired, need time off, tomorrow will be better." While checking out, the cashier noticed I left a jar of vanilla in the cart after I'd put all my groceries on the belt. Embarrasing. Did I look like I was trying to walk out with the vanilla? My response, "I'd forget my head..." She said, "After I had my kids I'd lost my mind."  This is where the Universe comes in. The cashier next to us said, "Have you heard of Dr. Wayne Dyer?"  Have I heard of Dr. Dyer?! He's fantastic. (If you aren't familiar with him, go look him up.)  Universe Provided Cashier said,"You need to read his book No More Excuses."  It was as if lights flashed, horns blared and a loud voice echoing over the PA system was saying, "Hey, you at register 19, listen up."  The Universe is trying to tell me something. I think its I'm capable now. Everything I need I have in this moment. My muse is always with me. I have all the energy I need. My mind is just fine even without the vacation.   I haven't read Dr. Dyer's book yet, but I will. No excuses. 

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  1. Words I so needed to read, Stacey. Thanks.

    Take care and ttys. In case you're in the area on Saturday and are interested:

    I'm at the Howell Library from 10-12: here's the info:

    I'd love to see you there! Take care and ttys!