Friday, November 16, 2012

Declare What You Desire

I was heading out to yoga today thinking about the people in my life. (That includes the characters in my books.) The big difference between the two? I can make my characters behave in ways I see fit.

Having said that, I want to be surrounded by like minded people. What I mean is, you don't have to like the same books I do or have the same social and political beliefs I do, but I do want to interact with others whose spirit is open. People who see the world through a glass half filled. When I'm with someone I want to be wrapped in their positive attitude. Not slimed with their negative energy.

I declared to the Universe this morning I wanted to meet more people like me. Guess what? The Universe heard me. I love when this happens! In class today, a woman I'd apparently met at a school function recognized me. (Good thing because I am the worst at recognizing other people. It's bad.) We started talking. Grabbed tea together afterward and voila! I made a new connection. Her energy felt positive. We might even hang again. No matter what happens I know the Universe heard me and sent me someone for that moment.

Whatever you wish for in your life, talk with your higher power. Maybe you'd like a new career, a new friend, a better attitude. The Universe will send it to you, but you must be open and ready for it.  Sometimes our wishes don't show up in ways we expect, but the wishes still come true.

What are some things you desire?  


  1. I desire undistracted time in which I can focus and write with abandon. Somehow, it truly eludes me these days.

    (I've got a few cans of freshly homemade jarred tomatoes, though... :)

  2. Hi Joanna. It's nice to hear from you again. Undistracted writing time is a true desire! Hard to come by though. I am a believer I must try to write through the distractions or I will get nothing done. My yoga practice teaches me to find peace in the chaos. Hard to do, but that is why life is a work in progress. I bet your sauce is delicious. Maybe you can jot a few words down while it simmers. The aromas might inspire you!

  3. Great post, Stacey. I'm glad the universe heard you and sent you a like-minded new friend to meet. I desire focus. I'm being pulled in too many directions!

  4. Hey! I asked for the same thing!

    Recently, I was asked to write out my goal for the next year and was surprised to see the looooooong run on sentence I wrote. Reminds me that not everything has to happen all at once - things have their own timeline. For today, I ask the universe to have all three of us (me, my husband and my daughter) living in the same house in NJ. My wedding vows expressed the joy I have in my heart because of the peace and contentment I found in his - I want that near me all the time, not just on weekends.

    Lots to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving - 2013 is the year to get closer to being in synch with the universe.