Monday, March 8, 2010

Friendships - Keep Them or Toss them?

Hi! It's great to see you again! The topic of friendship has come up a lot lately and I thought this might be a good place to start up a lively discussion.

How long do you keep a friendship before you need to end it? I like to think of it as cleaning out the crazy people from your friendship closet. Some people refer to it as weeding a garden. You pick the metaphor you like best, but any way you slice it when do you say enough is enough?

I've been told I drop the hatchet a little too quickly and some times that's true. (Sorry to all of those under my knife!) I have a low threshold for drama so once someone starts playing games See Ya. If someone isn't being honest See Ya. And if anyone is living "Life In The Key of Me" SEE YA!! Which unfortunately is a lot of people. So, maybe I do clean the closet out too often.

Maybe that crazy friend (and I say crazy with loving kindness) tucked on the top shelf doesn't need to be tossed, but taken down and dusted off. Maybe they just need to be placed in the sun and given kind words from you so they can bloom. Until all of your attention is focused on their needs and they've managed to suck the life from you. See Ya!

I'm just kidding. Not everyone is a life sucker. I've been blessed with knowing some wonderful people. And even the challenging ones have taught me a lesson or two. Tell me what you think. Talk to you later...


  1. It has been written by the wisest of men that it is indeed a rare thing to have even ONE true friend in our lifetime. Nevermind more, (that is a miracle)! So don't be too harsh on those who pass through your life. They may be there for a reason and although the reason may not always be clear, they have served their purpose. The way I see it, if at the end of our lives there is only one bloom left in our garden, we can consider ourselves blessed.

  2. Well since I haven't heard from you in awhile, maybe I have been placed under the knife...(lol) anyway...
    I am a big fan of the the three strike rule. If someone does nothing to change the situation in their life that they complain over and over again is time to say goodbye.

  3. I agree that friendship closets need cleaning every so often. Why clutter it with those that are playing the part or phoning it in? Life IS living and friends are those who "live it with you". Without the clutter, you can fill your closet with honest, loving, rewarding relationships. Ciao, energy suckers!

  4. I too Stac feel like dropping the hammer on some people...its hard for me to do..but when a friendship turns toxic to me- thats the line i draw.

    Hope this helps!