Thursday, April 22, 2010

My First Book Signing

I mentioned the other day I was teaching a class to sixth graders. Last week I participated in the Ocean Township Intermediate School's Authors' Day. It was awesome! I taught the students all about writing in the active voice. (You can get a snippet of my lesson below.)The students were so enthusiastic about learning. They participated, asked questions. This was the first time they were exposed to active voice. I met other authors and an illustrator. It's always a great experience to meet other people in the industry.

But the best part was the end of the day. The authors had an opportunity to sell their books to the students. I don't have any books to sell yet so the students asked me to sign my business card for them!!!! How thrilled was I? My face hurt from smiling all day. It was a fantastic experience and I'm so honored to have been included. I had my first book signing and it was as wonderful as I imagined!

You know what this means? Believe in yourself. Follow your heart. Live your passion. Never surrender and never give up! And a few supporters in your corner doesn't hurt either!

Talk to you later...


  1. How awesome, Stacey! What a great story. I'm smiling for you.

  2. One day you will have many books to sell and one of those kids is going to bring you the business card in exchange for an autographed book.

  3. Sami said it was a fun experience and you did great!!