Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No Toys in the Happy Meals?

I'm about to get on my soap box. The following may be inappropriate for the more liberal persuasion of the population. You may wish to turn the blog off now.

For the rest of us...I heard the channel seven anchor of the five o'clock news say some group wants the toys out of the happy meals. Are you kidding me? What is this country coming to?

Do you mean to tell me that parents have lost complete control of their children? They need the government to force food chains to change the way they've been doing business for decades because Mommy can't tell little Susie or Johnny no. Here, let's try it together. Take a deep breath. Ready? "NO!" There. Don't you feel better?

Who is the parent here? If your child has a weight problem it is your responsibilty to take care of it. You brought the child into the world. Not Ronald McDonald. (Well, maybe he brought in a couple. Who knows.)

We owe our children to be the best parents we can. That means saying no even when they kick and scream. Especailly when they kick and scream.

I don't know about you, but I don't want the government telling me how to raise my children. If I want to allow my kids to eat fast food because they like the toy that should be my business and mine alone. And if a parent doesn't have the good sense to watch what their children eat, make sure they get enough physical activity then shame on them!

Step up to the plate people and take responisiblity for your actions. Be the parents you were meant to be. Have rules. Say no. Your children will thank you for it when it counts. They might hate you now, but oh well. We aren't supposed to be their friends.

I'm getting off the soap box now. Talk to you later...


  1. Stacey,
    I love this blog post! How true! Our government is looking to instill rules and penalties when really we need nutritional education not persecution. Bravo!

  2. Preach it sistah! I agree and Ah-men!!! Enough meddling is enough!

  3. Hear, hear, Stacey, especially about parents stepping up! I've been listening to my son moan about how only he 'got in trouble with his parents' after a group incident at school (boy horseplay gone a little overboard) but not appreciated by the authority figures there. Of course, those other parents let their kids do pretty much anything they want, it seems.
    And you're right: I never appreciated my mother's old-world ways until I was old enough to realize how much trouble I didn't get into.

    You go, girl. Nothing wrong w/the occasional happy meal (esp when Wendy's chicken nuggets are in it, lol) but decide the limits and make them happen!

    Joanna Aislinn
    The Wild Rose Press

  4. Here's my question (or I should say questions): Is America still a democracy? What happened to being able to freely make our own choices? Has the government decided that we are too ignorant to decide for ourselves what is good and what is not? And why are the voices of few heard over the voices of many? The government has forgotten that they are there simply to oversee and not to rule. If we wanted to be ruled, there would have been no Revolutionary War!
    So, if we want to continue to keep God in our country or have toys in our happy meals than we the people need to remind the government to BACK OFF!!!