Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beat the Heat

Summer is fully upon us. It makes me think of those Country Time Lemonade commercials when I was a kid. I always invision a tire swing under the big oak tree, the sun setting in the front yard while you push yourself in the wooden rocker on the wrap around porch and a tall glass of cold lemonade filled with tinkling ice cubes like the sounds of summer wind chimes.

Summer should be about slowing down and enjoying the moment with friends and family. Unfortunately, since I've become an adult I haven't been able to slow down to the pace I imagine in those lemonade commercials. This week is no different. I'm heading off to a writer's conference I hope will advance my writing journey and I'm working my tail off to get ready and the hours are slipping by and all I can see are the things I didn't get to. Even my sentences sound like an endless "to do" list.

I'd like nothing more than to take my kids to the beach, get lost in a book by a favorite author and forget about the tasks hanging over my head. But the drive to be a published author burns in me like the summer heat. Instead, I'll turn up the AC, pour myself a tall glass of lemonade and get to work.

Talk to you later. Much later...


  1. Sounds like my life while working for pay only half-time, Stacey! Enjoy your conference--maybe you'll get a minute or two to kick back there :)

    Joanna Aislinn
    The Wild Rose Press

  2. Have a great conference! Let me know how it goes.