Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Zombies are the new rage. They're popping up in novels. One of my favorites is Patient Zero by Jonathon Maberry - an absolute must read! Movies are made about zombies, television shows, and even video games. What makes them so likable? I've heard they're the new bad guys ever since vampires became the hero.

I've been sucked in too! I walked around all morning wearing a sticky note on my shirt with the time 11:14 on it so I wouldn't forget. Forget what? To harvest the zombies!! That's right. My son needed my help. He's playing Zombie Farm on his ITouch and at exactly 11:14 two new zombies would be ready for harvesting and when he accumulates eight zombies he can invade. What he can invade I don't know, but that's not the point. I couldn't let my son down, right? How hard could it be to play a video game and I needed an excuse to walk away from manuscript for five minutes.

The pressure was on. I didn't know how to make the farmer dig the little boogers up! I pressed the screen a hundred times, but the zombies remained in the garden. I couldn't fail in my first video game attempt to win the invasion, could I? Thankfully, sheer stubbornness won out. I pressed every button on the screen, praying I didn't delete the game, and discovered the farmer needed a harvesting tool! Duh!!! I freed the zombies and in the nick of time. Phew!

And let me tell you what, those zombies are cute! (Sorry, Jonathon, these zombies wouldn't work in your novel!) The whole game is animated in bright colors and the zombies have adorable faces. I dug up a Garden Zombie with a gnomes hat on!! Way cool! And every zombie has a name: Ted, Bill, Tom, you get the idea.

It looks like I've gone full circle. I enjoy everything from science fiction - thriller novels to the adorable Zombie Farm. Are you catching the zombie fever? Share some of your favorite zombie experiences with us.

Talk to you later...


  1. Wow. I never knew zombies were so popular. Never read anything with a zombie in it.

  2. I, TOO, was sucked into Zombie Farm-ing for a while. I made sure to plant my crops so their harvest time didn't occur while I was sleeping. That would just be a waste of crops, right? It's a fun-but-addictive game. As for REAL zombies, love the genre. Patient Zero is an awesome book and I can't wait to finish it. Word of advice: wear turtleneck sweaters to hide that neck, do your cardio and outrun those zombies!!!