Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Favorite Books

I read a lot. On average I'd say I read a book a week. For some that's nothing, for others that's too much. Doesn't matter which category you fall into as long as you're reading. Right? Right!

I updated my profile on the blog adding titles to "Favorite Books." I had to stop. I would have been there forever. I started thinking...scary, I know...What are my readers reading?

So, I ask you, dear reader. What are your favorite books? Tell me which authors get you to turn pages. Whose name do you look for on the new release list? I'm always on the look out for another great read. We could even have an online discussion about your favorite books.

To help you get started here a few of my favorite authors. (Authors I love and I've read more than one book of.)

Stephen King
Brad Meltzer
Jeffrey Deaver
Tess Gerritson
Lisa Scottoline
Suzanne Collins
Ted Dekker
M. Kate Quinn
Jonathon Maberry
Tami Hoag
Mary Higgins Clark
Daphne DeMaurier

I could keep going. Now it's up to you, dear reader. Who are your favorites?


  1. Jennifer Crusie
    Caridad Pineiro
    Virginia Kantra

  2. My favorites: Lynne Austin, Beverly Lewis, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Eloisa James and Virginia Kantra :)