Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Don't Quit

I need a little help. Explain to me why someone quits before they achieve what they want? I don't get it. Really. I'm talking about anything. From programming the DVD player to having your dream job. I know it's scary, hard, sometimes down right impossible. Hey, I know about hard. I'm a writer looking for a place for my novels to land. In terms of tough goals this is right up there. Maybe not as high as overcoming addiction, but you get my point.

Why quit? Isn't that the easy way out? Do you want the DVD player to beat you? Are you being lazy? Do you want someone else to carry the burden for you? Hmm...I bet I'm getting a few yeses on that one.

Explain to me why someone who could have what it is they claim they want gives up before they get it? Could it be you don't really want it that badly? Hmm again. My guess is that's it. You never really wanted it and when the journey toward this goal got tough you quit. That's okay if that's the truth. 

But if you want change in your life: job, relationships, learning a new instrument, then I suggest you dig deep because a long road may be in front of you and you're going to spend a lot of sweat equity getting where you're going. Achieving goals isn't easy, but quitting isn't any easier. You will live with each decision you make. So if you truly want something go after it with all you've got. We only get one life. Don't quit!


  1. You know, Stacey, I'm in total agreement. Reaching for our dreams can sometimes be daunting, but giving up should never be an option. We are our dreams....MK

  2. I love that line, "We are our dreams", MK. Great words to live by.