Tuesday, February 21, 2012


How do you stay patient while waiting for something you want to happen? How can you use writing to help you? Of course, journaling is always the answer, isn't it? When in doubt, whip out your friend, journal. She never criticizes, never judges, never talks about herself. Sometimes she even shows us the answer.

Patience is not one of my better qualities. But how do you detach from the result of what you want while you're waiting to see if the Universe will give it to you? The Universe is always trying to teach me patience and I'm a slow learner in that area. I'm more of a rip the band aid off now and see the oozing underneath instead of waiting for the wound to heal kind of person. Sometimes that's good. Other times, not so much. 

I'm not sure if this answers the question about patience, but the words of Marianne Williamson resonate with me so I'll share them with you. "And once we have surrendered ourselves to be used for a higher purpose, we give up the obsession with planning that dominates so much of Western civilization."

I'm going out on a limb and saying I don't think Ms. Williamson wants you to stop planning your future. You have retirement, college, jobs and families to think about. Bills to pay, friends to visit with. What I think she's saying is be the best person you can be on your way to your destination. It's about putting positive energy out to the Universe and listening for the soft whisper to respond to you. It's about quieting your mind so you don't miss the answers.

Patience is non judgement. It's the journey that leads us where we're going. It's inner peace. Patience isn't something we find in a bottle. Though I wish I could whip up a batch every now and again.

How do you find ways to be patient?


  1. I try not to focus on what I'm waiting for. Distraction helps the time pass. However, it doesn't always work for me. I'm not as patient as I should be. Especially when waiting to hear back from editors.

  2. I also find it hard not to focus on waiting to hear from an editor or agent in my case. Does it mean my work went straight to the "no" pile or they just didn't read it yet...But I'm not focusing! I'm not!

  3. Though I sometimes resent my own thoughts on this very subject, my beliefs tell me I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be in God's plans. I also was told, many years ago, not to pray for patience; I'll be tested. This lovely, wise woman told me to pray for peace instead. And just this past Sunday, the pastor spoke about the process between the promise and the payoff. He didn't specifically say I'd have fun along the way (though some good moments are to be had, I'm sure.)

    Love the look and colors of this theme, Stacey! Hope you're well!